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I was born in Minnesota and have lived there much of my life. My mother was from the Netherlands, and my fathers side, though American, were from Bavaria and Wales. As a child I suffered several traumas. When I was small I was always interested in fairies and Angels. I was always looking for ways to fix things without going to the doctor and I worked with many aspects of myself to discover who I really was becoming.

Being the single mother of four children, I was ready to take out a new lease on life. I began looking into all avenues of natural healing. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was in a pre-obese state, I had Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I was angry and was in need of a life changing experience. So I began by taking vitamins, supplements and changing my eating habits. My biggest problem back then was my weight. So I began looking into fast and easy remedies. The one that really helped me was Hypnosis. This though, did not satisfy my curiosity. I then decided to become a Hypnotist.

I took Cal Banyans 5 Path program and became a Certified Hypnotist. I also am a 7th Path Instructor which is the Self-Hypnosis program he teaches, and this was first and foremost the starting point for me. This is what kept me hooked to my weight loss. Hypnosis took me personally and professionally into a new direction. By this time having gotten my physical and emotional health in order, I then moved onto spirit.

By the time I was 32 I knew more about love and kindness than my childhood brought me. I saw that compassion moved mountains in my life. I began to look for ways to change my Spiritual health. I had been raised Catholic and I had been exposed to varying religions over the years; I began to pursue alternatives to Religion. To be honest, it was hard for me to believe and I never took things at face value. I started to meditate, work with stones and essential oils, I took up a daily prayer practice. This of course eventually put me in the path of Reiki. Since I wanted a true relationship with Source, I started to do research in the different types of energy healing.

I started by receiving Reiki from Stephani Brail. I then went on to look at various teachers. I found Shaman Maggie Wahls and took her classes: Level One and Two: Usui Reiki and her Shamanism classes. I was however still on a roller coaster ride, spiritually. I was searching for a form of spiritual freedom, but did not realize that until many years later.

Later on, I then took classes from a local instructor Jodi Tschida to receive my Usui Reiki Master and Teacher levels. It did not take long and I found that I was waking up one day to discover that I could do things I never used to be able to do.  I woke up one morning after just starting to read a book on Crystals and Minerals. The next morning, after reading only two or three chapters, I knew (inspiringly) all about the stones. I then began to take other classes introducing myself to Aromatherapy and eventually taking a class to become an Essential Oil Raindrop Specialist. I began practicing telepathy. I began to communicate with spirits and see peoples past lives imprinted on them. I established a relationship with my guides and Angels, and eventually it led me to communication with the Divine or Source as I prefer to say.

For the first time I really began to see LIFE for the wonder it really was. All areas of Natural Medicine had been put into my path. I was eager to learn and applied myself where I thought I could be of the most help. Other areas of interest I have acquired and incorporated into my business are: Crystal stone Layouts, Dowsing classes and sessions Tarot readings and Oracle readings, Jewelry making and other crafts, to name a few. 

In my spare time I write poetry and other literary works, make scrap books, garden, I read and do research for my work. I have four children: two daughters and two sons. My sons have Autism. I am a support manager for a Non-profit company that enables disabled people to lead more independent lives. I work with my sons and have worked with other Autistic children and Adults. I find this work to be extremely rewarding. I enjoy my job very much.

In addition, I have four businesses. I have created these businesses as a way of reaching out to people in these varying avenues of interest. I also am working on finishing my Associates in Criminal Justice, though that has been placed on the back burner for now. I would like to do non-Profit work as an Advocate to serve those who experience social injustice. Specifically, focusing in the areas of the developmentally disabled and to continue my work with Autistic persons. In any of my sessions my focus is Mind body Spirit connection. In any of my businesses I utilize all my tools and I use any knowledge I have to help my family, my clients, friends, and community.

New Perceptions Hypnosis & Reiki is my first business that I opened in 2007. I then incorporated the Reiki into my first business as well. Inner Chi Crystal Jewelry and Chi KI Arts & Crafts are catered around spiritually made gifts and other handmade items.

MAOM: this is an acronym for Metaphysical Association of Minnesota. This business focuses on people who are having spiritual issues or are in need of guidance due to a haunting, spiritual attack  or other supernatural occurrence.

The aspect about my businesses that I love the most is reaching out to people and assisting them in their goals towards health and healing, be it: Emotional, Physical or Spiritual. Working with Source daily helps me to be creative in all areas of my life. I enjoy being a Co-Creator with Source. I work with The Earth, the elements, the Universe?the all in all. I am excited to teach people about Reiki and Self-Hypnosis and to help them learn how to explore their past, to embrace their present and look forward to their future.

I feel that the negative experiences from my childhood helped to transform me into the person that I am today. I believe that knowing what I know now, we can transform our fears, our worries and even our traumas into something positive.

Now it is 2018, many years later after writing the above profile of myself I can see how much I have changed since 2006. We are always changing, mentally, physically and spiritually and emotionally. Now I have found that spiritual freedom and I call it Sovereignty. Please I challenge you to read The Temple of Sovereignty. 

I challenge you to challenge your own belief systems. I believe that we are destined for greater things than what is inside the confines of a box. Being connected to the EVERYTHING is as important as being in the state of Nothingness. The challenge is keeping calm, neutral and non-judgmental as you navigate through the oceans of life. You are in control of your own vessel. Regardless of your current belief systems now, you have experienced other lifetimes where your beliefs may have been different. It is important that you consider this when looking into the mirror of your own eyes.


              My Resume


            Chantal Cash; CH & RMT

               New Perceptions Hypnosis & Reiki 2006         

      Inner Chi Crystal Jewelry 200

              Metaphysical Association of Minnesota 2013

                    Lady of the Mountain Ministries Presents:

                          Sanctuary of Sovereignty



Normandale Community College

Focus of Study: English and Anthropology

Minnesota School of Business

Focus of Study: Law & Business

University of Phoenix

Focus of Study: Criminal Justice

Cal Banyan School of Hypnosis

Focus of Study: Certified Hypnotist

Shaman Maggie Wahl?s: School for Reiki and Shamanism

Shaman training and Level One and Two Usui Reiki

Jody Tshida: Reiki Master Teacher

Master level and Teacher level training.


     Summary of Work

In 2006 after many years of struggling with my various psychic gifts and truly stuck in a state of non-healing and despair having been stuck in a pre-obese state and having been truly unsure of where my path led I set out into the world of metaphysical, naturopathy and alternative wellness. This of course, led me to finding out all of my gifts?which were stuck on idle for many years. I began with taking Hypnosis and after losing 85 pounds I decided to take Cal Banyans 10 day class to become a certified hypnotist.

Shortly thereafter, becoming certified as a Hypnotist I then took EFT and Reiki and this led me to meet Shaman Maggie Wahl?s who steered me on the path towards Reiki. I was honored to be 7th lineage from the Master Usui himself. This is where my psychic abilities shot through the roof.

I went on to take two classes from Shaman Maggie plus some Shaman training as well. She was based out of Winona, Missouri, so after much consideration I wanted to experience hands on Reiki and the attunement process as well. I went to see then locally, Jody Tschida and she completed my Reiki training. Once I received the final attunements I became a Reiki Master teacher.

I then took a local class from a licensed Naturopath to become an Essential Oil specialist and Raindrop Massage practitioner. I specialize in working only the raindrop style that was trademarked and created by Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils. I do reflexology on the feet using the pure organic oils. I also do aromatherapy and raindrop as well upon request.

Metaphysical Association of Minnesota?M.A.O.M: This is for not just those residents of Minnesota. This was created as a place to help anyone who is troubled by something unexplainable or is suffering from some metaphysical malady or a haunting. It is also a place to gather data and give referrals and other information for people who are at a loss of what to do next. This is a new service and is a non-profit agency at this time.

Metaphysical Training and Skills:, Hypnosis, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman and Ordained Minister, Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), Raindrop Essential Oil Specialist, Dowsing Specialist, Telepathist, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Keeper and Laying on of Stones, Tarot, Angel, Fairy, Oracle, Past-Life and Soul Race Readings.

Other Metaphysical Skills: ET Communicator, Angelic Communicator, Spirit Communication, Intercessing, Annunaki Communicator, Soul Race and Realm Reader, Past-Life Specialist, Karma Cutter, and House Clearings & Blessings, Learning to communicate with Guides and Angels, Akashic Record Access and Readings are available.

Telepathy & Solving Cases: Everything has free-will; and so when I choose to use this skill it is truly to solve a crime such as a missing person or an unsolved murder. I have worked on cases privately, and only once went to the police. As such, direct communication with a child killer.

ParaNormal Cases: The Farm, The Coin Case, The Stryker House, The Mansion, The Apartment, The T.B Cottage Case, Rumplestilskin & The Burning Five, The Girl with Many Faces, The Titan, The Tulpa, The Djinn, Get off My Land.

Past Life Work: I do soul lineage work for families. This may or may not include past life charts, lineages or books. If I get more than 5 names the option to make a book is available to the client and their soul family. This is a limited engagement only. I use a combination of tools to get this information. I do not disclose those measures or techniques for retrieving this information. It is a matter of working with the Akashic Records of the Universe and Multi-Verse and of course of the personal records of the said individuals who wish to know their previous identities. This is highly controversial and not for the faint of heart. One must be prepared to have their karma worked on and they must be willing to face their past as well as accept the present and the future and be willing to renounce all of the old baggage they have carried with them thus far.

Naturopathy and Alternative Healing: New Perceptions Hypnosis & Reiki was designed to focus on providing 5-Path and 7-th Path which is trademarked by Cal Banyan Hypnosis Center. The focus as well as the Hypnosis is to bring Reiki Master techniques to the clients who are in need of relief be it emotional, physical or spiritual. In addition, the Raindrop & Aromatherapy was added and can be incorporated into a session if needed. Consultations are given as part of this service and all styles and techniques are made available to the client upon request. Crystal and Stone therapy is also included in this service.

For those who have physical issues and are in need of other services I give referrals to the top notch facilities and products in my area or within their immediate reach. I offer many styles and modalities and my entire approach is mind, body and spirit. I do my best to help those who are troubled by physical maladies as well as emotional or spiritual.

Inner Chi Crystal Jewelry: This business is a sole proprietorship. This is a jewelry business that?s primary focus is to use natural stones, crystals and other items to create the finest metaphysical jewelry there is. All pieces are hand made by me and are infused with Reiki Light and Good Intentions and Prayers upon request. Items include; necklaces, bracelets, prayer beads, rosaries, earrings and pendulums.

Chi Ki Arts & Crafts: This is a craft business that is all items that are spiritually based and created by me. Items include, pillows, fairy gardens live and dried, hand- made smudge sticks, embroidered Angels, totem blankets, and much more.

Program Assistant: I worked as a Direct Staff Support person and helped in a Respite Care facility in Saint Paul Minnesota. My job responsibilities included, taking care of persons with disabilities, am and pm cares, paperwork, and organizing some events cleaning and cooking and community outings. I love to support those who are in need of help on any level. This had become my Day job, for sure. I then became a Lead staff as well in a Group home and currently I am working in elderly care on a one on one basis providing companionship, grooming feeding and other cares. I provide a safe solution so they may stay inside the comforts of their own home or apartment for as long as possible.

Published Works Include:

Dowsing E-Book: First book written by me and published and edited by AHONU O?Grady


Dowsing Book in Soft Back: Second Edition


Poetry E-Book: Kaleidoscope Volume One


Totems: This is my first self-published book on Animal Totems and Protectors.


Totems in Color: http://www.amazon.com/Totems-Handbook-Animal-Protectors-Animals/dp/149477593X/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1393275738&sr=8-8&keywords=chantal+cash+books

Reiki Book: This book is written as part of my teaching but it is an easy to read guide on Usui Reiki and other Energetic modalities.


Energy Symbol Book for Energy Symbol Cards:


Energy Symbol Book in Color:


Crystal & Telepathic Connection:


Memoirs of an Annunaki: A Novel: This book is my version of an old story on The Watchers and the story of The Annunaki and other fabled mythological beings. Some of this book is highly personal and it is left up to the reader as to whether they believe in their existence or not. Many soul races and their characters from various Pantheons of the gods are portrayed in this novel. It is the first of nine in a series called The Lineage of Light Chronicles.


Once Upon a Starry Sky: A Reiki Book for Children


The Mystics Coloring Book


The Mystics Dream: Mystical Music and Poetry


The Temple of Sovereingty

Books I have Edited: The Savage Series?This is a werewolf series written under pseudonym of a family member of mine. The original author wishes to remain anonymous. There are presently 3 Series of books on the market at this time under Beatrice Cash.



Savage Blood:


Savage Power?..link to come


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