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Angel Readings: Twelve Personal Angels

Learn who your personal angels are. You will receive a document that List's your personal angels, their meanings and how they will help you live a healthier and productive life.

Add an Angel Scrapbook that is made from your individual reading.

Scrapbooks are made from paper, and decorated with poetry, pictures.  your personalized name and Angels will be displayed in this scrapbook. A beautiful memory keepsake to remind you of their love and protection.

Angel Card Reading

Choose from 5 different decks based on Angelic lore and wisdom.

Three to five card draws

Seven to ten card draws

One does not need to be present for this reading. Choose from 6 of the Doreen Virtue Angel card decks.

The titles are as follows:

Messages From Your Angels,

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

Life Purpose Oracle Cards,

Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards, 

 Saints & Angels,

Arch-Angel Michael cards


Tarot Readings:  French Deck

Tarot De Paris:  This deck is striking and lovely to look at. It is based on the

landmarks of France. Anyone who longs to connect with Divine spirit is inclined

to work with this deck. The author is J. Philip Thomas.

Prices:    Three card draw

                 Five to seven

                 Eight to Twelve

  One does not need to be present for this reading.

The Druid Craft Tarot

For anyone who has a strong connection to nature and the elemental

realm this deck is for you. Based on Old Briton and Druadic lore it will

draw you in and reveal hidden meanings, insights, and maybe even secrets.

Triple Tarot:Animal/Plant Reading

The Druid Craft Tarot

The Druid Animal Oracle

The Druid Plant Oracle

With this reading you will receive three Tarot cards, three animal cards and three plant cards. Nine cards total.

This reading is based on Druidic and ancient Wiccan traditions. All three decks are from the same writers and

artists. The author is Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm. The illustrator: Will Worthington.

You will receive this reading if nature and its elements call out to you.

You do not need to be present for this reading.


Traditional Ryder Waite Tarot Reading

Three card draw

Seven Card Draw

Eight to twelve card draw

One does not need to be present for this reading.

Shamanic Nature Reading

This reading is based on being in tune with the elements and listening to nature that is all around you.

You do not need to be present at this reading. The name of the Deck is Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer.

Three card draw

Five card draw

Seven to ten

Ten to twelve

Fairy Reading

This reading is for people who believe in Fairy energy, the healing that comes about

from the elemental realm can be fast and quite harsh. If you want to know the truth

of a matter, consult Fairy. But know that they will cut to the chase, and all lies will be

revealed. The name of the deck is The Heart of Fairie Oracle by Brian and Wendy


Three card draw

Five card draw

Seven card draw 

Tea Leaf Reading

This reading is done by reading the tea leaves at the end of a nice warm cup of tea.

In addition, there are cards that can be drawn that will enhance the reading. This

is based on the tradition of fortune tellers. This is a unique deck in itself. The

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and its deck is very illuminating and informative. The

author is Rae Hepburn and it is illustrated by Shawna Alexander.

Three card draw

Five card draw

Seven card draw


Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle Cards

This is the latest addditon to the list of available readings. The

difference between Oracle readings versus Tarot and Angel readings

is that the cards are usually very in depth but not as much to say to the

person recieving the reading, but more open to personal interpretation.

Three to five card draw

Five to seven card draw

Seven to Ten card draw

The final reading has a bonus card with this reading.

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