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Poplar Wands & Sage Wands OAK, and Lilac, Maple and Mulberry 

This is a Sage wand made from a Sage root stick.

It has a leather grip and a Quartz point with some

copper wiring and crystals. The dolphin is also

a totem--so consider this a healing Totem wand.

The cost is: 12.95$ USD

Send payment to PAYPAL: [email protected]


This is a Maple Wand with a small Apophilyte point and

a leather grip with an eyeball agate base wrapped with

copper wiring. Maple wood is both genders and it has

a strong sense of power and balance. for those who need

healing or breaking spells in the areas of binding love,

or abundance and prosperity and breaking blockages

 in these areas by use of this wand is extremely helpful.

The cost is 14.95$ USD Shipping and handling not included.

Send payment to PAYPAL: [email protected]  

This is a Poplar wand with a clear quartz crystal ball

and point. It has garnet and copper wire as décor.

This wand is handcrafted by one of Inner Chi Crystal

Jewelry's crafters. Infused with magick and created

with magical insight.

Price: 17.50$ USD plus shipping and handling.

PayPal: [email protected]  

This is a Poplar Wand. Clear Quartz and ball point. Copper and

Garnet on each end. This is a beautiful wand for direction of

energy towards life's purpose.

Price: 17.50$ plus shipping and handling.

PayPal: [email protected]

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