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5-Path Hypnosis

5 Path Hypnosis is a 5 phase hypnosis program. This

trademarked style was formulated by Cal Banyan, of

The Banyan Hypnosis Center. 

5 Path stands for Five-Phase-Abreactive-Therapeutic-

Hypnosis. This Hypnosis therapy and technique is quite

successful for varying issues such  as Smoking, Weight

Loss, Emotional Issues;  to name a few.

The 7th Path

I am a licenced and certified Hypnotherapist. In March of 2006, I graduated from the Banyan School for Hypnosis.

I am a teacher of the remarkable method of self-hypnosis called The 7th Path. Cal Banyan, the creator of this method

has given us a unbelievable gift. This method of self hypnosis is designed to remove all erroneous thoughts and beliefs.

As children we are taught to stuff our emotions, as if into a bottle. This is not good. All feelings are important. We need

to learn how to recognize these feelings and how to grow into self confident, reliable, and accountable people.

The 7th Path can do just that. If you want to know more please contact me to set up a pre-talk or an appointment.

Chantal Cash, CH, RMT

7th Path Instructor & Reiki Master/Teacher

phone: 1-651-207-6188

cell: 1-651-235-4561

email: [email protected]



Hypnosis: The Facts

There are many common fears and misconceptions about hypnosis. 

Lets talk about what they are and how a person that is interested in

the hypnosis process can overcome these common fears associated with


1. Hypnosis is not brain washing. Or any other form of mind control. Hypnosis

works directly with freewill and the subconscious.

2.  Hypnosis is not sleep. The word "hypnosis" is derived from the Greek word

which means "to sleep." It is a heightened state of awareness. It works with all

levels of the mind: Unconscious, subconscious, and conscious.

3. Hypnosis is not a truth serum. Nothing and noone will force you to say or do

anything that would harm you or put you in any danger.

4. Hypnosis is not magic or related to the occult in any way. This is a serious profession.

It is about helping people reach their full potential.

5. Some clients fear that they will forget evrything that occurs in hypnosis. This is simply

not true. Sometimes clients fall asleep and this could cause what would appear as a memory

lapse. Nothing can harm you during the hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of being. There is nothing to fear here.

Hypnosis blog

Hypnosis: Striving for a Healthy Conscious Mind

By Chantal Cash, CH & RMT

Think back to when you were young. Think back to that one moment that you had that changed how you felt about something or someone. It could be a food, an activity, an idea, or even a person that changed you in that one instant. For some people we have many “sensitizing” events that change us; emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically and spiritually as well. There are also for some people many obstacles as well as challenges that interrupt the flow of their life. We do not always understand why things happen to us.

It is important that as human beings we pay close attention to our minds and our emotions. When we are young we are stimulated by the many events that shape our lives; for better or for worse. Keep in mind, we all know this—the mind is like a computer. We have a Conscious Mind, a Sub-Conscious mind and an Un-Conscious mind. Many people do not know or understand this difference. When we are speaking in terms of the mind which is the area of our mental faculties we must consider these three aspects of our mind. 

So, the Conscious Mind is what we are for the most part, “aware of.”  This is our inner awareness but it is also a reflection of the state of being awake and alert. Our Sub-Conscious minds are the part of our brains we are not always aware of. This is the part of our minds that remain on the threshold of awareness. Pre-sleep states, meditation and pre-waking states—would be this type of subtle awareness. It is this state that Hypnosis is received in. Now the unconscious state of our minds is the part that often operates without thinking and this is often a powerful force for some people—which is where our habits are formed—Hypnosis is crucial to this part of our minds also.

For me it took Hypnosis to reach that part of my mind. In 2004 I was in a pre-obese state, I was suffering from Hashimoto thyroiditis, and to be frank—I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I really saw no point in dwelling in what I could not do and moved towards thinking: “What can I do?” So I started to look into what my options were in the field of Alternative Medicine and Therapies. What I found, almost immediately of course caught my attention: it was an ad for Hypnosis. I was looking at a healthy and non-intrusive way to fix my growing weight problem; however I soon realized that it was in my mind. The majority of my issues were coming from within, and I knew that no one else was able to fix them for me. I had to rescue myself and be my own hero.

I found a Hypnotist and he explained what Hypnosis was and what it was not. He reassured me that I had the power inside me to change my life, my thoughts and even my destiny. I started a program called 5-PATH Hypnosis and was also taught 7th Path Self-Hypnosis. I can speak from personal experience and 85 pounds lighter only four months from the point of beginning the Hypnosis program—it changed my world, my views and my life.

Now before we go into how Hypnosis can help us acquire a healthy conscious and sub-conscious mind—I will explain what 5 PATH stands for and in truth much of Hypnosis really works on all three parts of the mind at once—even though it may not seem like that during a Hypnosis session. So 5-PATH stands for “5 Phase Abreactive  Therapeutic Hypnosis”.

 During this 5 phase session(s) issues that are dealt with are forgiveness of self and of others, parts therapy if needed and even regression which takes you back to that part of your life where it was your turning point to the fork in the road of your life. No matter if your path was crooked or you took a straight and narrow one—there is not one soul on this planet who is not capable of reaching for their starry heights. So this form of Hypnosis is really unique, and not your ordinary “therapy.”

Therapy is often a broad term but it infers that “it is anything that is done that moves an individual towards health and wholeness” (Banyan, 2005). Hypnosis is a modality that uses hypnotic techniques to assist the client towards health and wellness. It is a tool that can reach the sub-conscious and un-conscious parts of our brains—and it can allow for re-wiring, re-booting, and in some cases; re-conditioning.

There is nothing to fear from Hypnosis. What we often fear is simply embedded in our minds from our lifetime of our accumulation of regrets, sadness, trials and tribulations, lessons and other life experiences; both positive and negative. All of these experiences whether we realize it or not are stuck in those three fields of our minds.

Now when we speak of Habits—and most people have some kind of habit. Some people are smokers, some people eat too much or too little. Some folks have daily rituals that interfere with their lives. There are other folks who are suffering from addictions to food, alcohol or even drugs. These habits are also a reflection of the parts of us we do not like and want to change—but due to those deep rooted connections to those un-necessary parts of ourselves that we hang onto we continue to spin our wheels and dig “ruts” for ourselves.

Imagine a car that is stuck in a groove in the ground. The wheels are spinning and spinning—the car is unable to get up over that small or large hump—the deep grooves are getting deeper; scaring the ground. What is one to do. You can’t get out if you are alone and push that car by yourself, can you? Maybe someone can, but the idea here is “NO” you can’t get over that hump without some help. So, the idea of Hypnosis is to be that gentle push. A gentle push that will enable you to relax, open your mind to receiving positive, healthy affirmations and instructions to allow your inner you to accept the changes that need to take place.

Whether it is a lifetime of suffering or a recent incident that is hindering you in some way; know that Hypnosis can be that push or that gentle touch for your body, mind and soul to regenerate, re-boot and re-align itself. If you are over-weight and are in need of a new approach to losing the weight, (and it worked for me) Hypnosis is the right approach for you to take.

If you are lacking confidence in work or any other aspect of your life, consider Hypnosis as an option to revitalize your mind, heart and spirit as well. 7th Path is the other side of Hypnosis and it is known as Self-Hypnosis. This is another aspect of Hypnosis and it is important to learn this for self-maintenance. This is the idea that the Hypnotist is not just fishing for you—but they are teaching you how to fish!

There are affirmations or what are known as: “ Recognitions.” These “Recognitions” are given in a series of forms that are used for the purpose of stimulating the sub-conscious parts of our brains (Banyan, 2005). Even though it is not recommended there are people who fall asleep in session, or who use CD’s to relax—this is another way that it can be put into our un-conscious minds. Once these two levels are activated during either type of Hypnosis—they begin to work on those levels that we are not always aware of. The seat of our will-power often resides here and it is important that if we have unhealthy and un-resolved issues or anger that we deal with these emotions in the most constructive and as safe a manner as possible.

When dealing with past traumas that involve physical as well as mental damage and I am willing to speak from experience here—Hypnosis really helped me to forgive myself; not that we really have anything we should be feeling guilty about anyways. So Hypnosis really helps with re-booting our mental computer that we call the Brain or the Mind. It can also realign our minds to vibrate at the correct “frequency” if we can speak in that term for a moment. There are circumstances in life that we have to face—sometimes beyond our control; sickness is a good example of this. I knew a woman who had stage 4 Cancer and she went on to become a Certified Hypnotist and even though she did succumb to her illness and it took her life; it did not take her mind and she used Hypnosis as a way of staying grounded and in control even on her darkest days. I believe right up to the end she used Hypnosis as a means to control pain and as a way to cope with her weakening state. The truth is as they say—“It is all in the mind.”

Hypnosis is not for everyone, and there are other options for those who are not interested—we all have choices to make. We have to strive to make healthier conscious decisions that will impact our families but also will impact the way we view ourselves. Hypnosis allows you to tap into your sub-conscious and un-conscious self and break free from those chains that bind you. This is the truth about Hypnosis and it is worth looking into if you have tried everything else and those methods have failed—as was the way for me—just try it out. There is nothing to lose, really, in fact you will face your fears and come out shining like a brand new silver dollar! The mind is vast and mysterious—it is good to go there and explore oneself. You never know the gems and treasures you will find inside of yourself until you have utilized Hypnosis. It is worth investigating. So give it a try and know that you can accomplish anything—your mind is that powerful. Think it, will it, breathe it—do it!

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