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Hypnosis, Meditation and Mystical Cd's

  Psychic & ESP Development 



This is my first Hypnosis CD for the development of Psychic and

intuitive abilities. This is for beginners, those learning and those

already established. It is a great place to begin and a great start

to learning a new way of seeing with all senses.

Do not listen to this while operating machinery or a vehicle.


 The Art of Dreaming Well


This is a Hypnosis CD on Dreaming; and the art of dreaming well.

There is an induction, and a deepener. The artist goes into much length

and description on lucid dreaming, dream enhancement and dream recollection.

The heart of the session then leads into positive affirmations that involve dreaming,

and learning how to be more aware in ones dreams. This CD is sure to stimulate

the senses and the imagination! 
Do not under any circumstances listen to this CD while operating machinery or

 driving a vehicle. Also this is not be used to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness

or disease.



Be Confident!


This is a relaxation and meditative cd on Confidence; creating it and maintaining it. 
Confidence is very important for many people to feel successful in their relationships

and endeavors. We have all felt the unease that lack of confidence can create so t

his is a helpful tool to help create maintain and feel more confident! 
Disclaimer: Do not listen to this CD while driving or operating machinery.

Lose the Urge--Stop Drinking





 This is my first musical CD. 

 This CD was inspired by my poetry and others. It

was made for my mother as a tribute of my love to







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