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Pendulums & Dowsing

Inner Chi Crystal Jewelry is an all crystal and stone and glass

jewelry making business. All jewelry and or pendulums

are made by Reiki Master  Teacher Chantal Cash.

These stones and crystals come in all sizes and colors. Known

to most as Crystals these stones can enhance and help one in

all of lifes endeavors.

Any questions on the jewlery can be addressed by email or by phone.

Any questions regarding any of the pieces can be sent to [email protected].

Custom jewlery can be made upon request with 50% down on all pieces.

The prices of the jewelry varies depending on the cost of the stones before

the piece is created.

Reiki, prayers and healing intention goes into the piece as well, making it far more

valuable to the wearer.

Email: [email protected]


The history of dowsing goes back thousands of years.

Dowsing was first used by varying cultures around the 

world to find water. Pendulums that are made from

crystals and other natural elements are truly the best

source for a reliable pendulum.

Pendulums that are made from crystals and stones and

other natural elements are used to tap into your bodies

energies and those that surround you.

Dowsing is a way to connect to the subconscious mind,

which ultimately is connected to the powersource of all

that is. Our Divine Creator and the Universe will guide

you while you use the pendulum. It is  a facillitator of

communication. You may seek answers to personal questions

regarding health and wellness: physical, mental and spirtual.

It is also a way of communicating with the other side and

remains one of lifes mysteries. When used properly and

morally correct, it is a tool that can help you to live an

impeccable life.


Beaded Pendulums are 40$ a piece for large and 25$ for shorter.

Chain Pendulums are 20$ a piece or 2 for 30$

Pendulums for Sale



From Right to Left:

Tigers Eye Horse Totem Pendulum

Wire wrapped Clear Quartz

Beaded Jasper Base (Sold)

Amazonite Eagle Pendulum

Hematite Angel


Amazonite & Pearl Choker

This is a choker made from small fresh water Pearls,

dyed pearls/crushed shell, and Amazonite. It has glass

beads as spacers, and base metal spacers. It has a heavy

duty base metal toggle. From one end to the next it is

16 inches across. This is vibrant and beautiful.

Cost of choker: $125

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