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MAOM: Metaphysical Association of Minnesota

MAOM: is a privately owned business that was

recently opened to help individuals who are having

issues such as Hauntings and Spiritual Attacks. There

were  many people that had been contacting me

asking for help with many metaphysical issues. This

 is  essentially designed to help people who are afraid to

go to their local church, or Minister for help.

We are non-judgmental. We listen to your story first and

foremost. We decide in an intake process if we are the right

group to help you.

Depending on the type of issue you are having would depend

 on the type of services that you or your family needs. The types

of services people need vary and depend on their personal needs

at the time. If you feel you are in danger due to some spiritual 

issues in your home; know that there are many causes for these


It should first be ruled out to see if there could be something else

causing a disturbance or other issue; be it a mental disturbance,

a physical ailment or problems within the structure of your home.

Not all things that appear Supernatural are of that nature.

Anyone is welcome to be a member or contact me. This is a new

service that I offer and please be patient with my efforts at building

this site.

I am a one person machine for this website. So thank you for your


The cost to be a member is a one time fee of 20$.

It is not limited: whether a Minnesota citizen or out of state, you are

still welcome to join this service. I will be able to do a lot more for my

members and we are just starting out. So, once more information becomes

available  I will post it here.


What is Intuition?

Some people refer to INTUITION as that little voice inside their head.

Others may call it that "Gut Feeling." Another person may call it ESP or

"Being Psychic." All of these phrases are revolving around the same idea

or concept.

Prophets, Seers and Oracles have been around since before time began.

Whether we as a society or a World decide to accept them; that is up to each

individual person. Every culture has them. Every person has intuition. If you think

your onto something, chances are: you are onto something.

There are ways to develop this "inner sight". Reiki is one way, and I found for myself

was the fastest way. I have always been "intutive" yet, it really has increased as I have

aged and changed bad lifestyle habits to good. The key to a healthy Third Eye is to be

healthy: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There is no way around it.

Now, there are many types of Intuitive Services available today. It is up to each individual

to find their own path and niche.

Some of my Intuitve Talents include but certainly are not limited to:

Dowsing, Reiki, Channeling, Angelic Communication, Crystal Use, Past Life Readings,

 Hypnosis, and Spirit communications.

Each of these are seperate techniques, not all are open channels at all times. I cannot be commanded

to do anything, or produce any piece of information. It is espeically careful of the reciever to have

no ill thoughts while doing  or recieving this type of work as it can taint the session.

Jealousy and Greed are not recieved well by the other side. Gratitude is what they seek. Whether

it is through monetary compensation, or true gratitude, this is what they look for. Also in the answers

I am given by these various methods of "reaching out" into Time and Space to recieve and give back

certain knowledge, there must a be an immense amount of Respect and Gratitude, as I said this is

not a game.

Intention is the key to all of the great mysteries. Intuition is not built strong over night. Like all things it

must be built up to be made strong. You have to work at building your intuition into a strong pillar or imagine

it like a beam of light that shines into your Third-Eye. Imagine it to be a light so powerful that it shines into

your third-eye and illuminates your mind with truth and vision!

Developing Intuition

There are many ways that we can develop our intuition.

To begin one must first have an open mind. It is not possible

to develop this without an open mind, compassion, and an

understanding of the world behind the veil.





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