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Reiki is not a religion

Reiki is not a religion, it is simply a way of life.

Some people think that reiki is magick. It is this:

amazing and beautiful energy from the heart and light

of the multiverse. In Yeshua's time he laid his hands on people.

He used that same "healing life-force energy" that he received as

a true master of light and wonder. He bestowed that on people

who were blessed enough to have walked in his presence and to

those who needed healing. It was said that Yeshua, and other prophets

throughout the ages laid their hands on people for comfort and

healing. Today, it is known by many names: In Japan it is called Reiki.

It stands for "Universal Light Energy" or "Spiritually Guided Life

Force Energy".

Long Distance Reiki: Awesome Story

When I first met Chantal Cash, I was what I considered to be a lost soul. There were always certain abilities that I had my whole life but I suppressed them because I did not want to be different. However, as Chantal and I talked I felt comfortable with telling her some of my experiences earlier in my life and how I felt. She helped me overcome my fears of being accepted and told me that I am a gift to the world. She helped enlighten me to my spiritual awakening that I am still continuing to go through daily.

Through this transitioning period in my life I found out I had cancer. So I went to Chantal with my illness and asked her what could I do. She came to me with Reiki as a healing option. At the time I did not understand what Reiki was until she explained it to me. I knew I had to be open to it to receive the healing properties of it. So I let myself become open.

As she says I lifted the veil. Within just a very short time I went from taking four different pain pill to taking none at all. I knew that the Reiki she was sending me was working, I could feel it. I now believe whole heartedly that even long distance healing was possible because it was happening to me. More importantly in my discovery of it working was the day i went in to have surgery to remove part of the mass in my neck I was so uneasy and full of anxiety.

I actually had a panic attack on the way to the operating room. The moment just before the door opened I felt a whole sense of calm come over me. All at once I felt a warmth encompass my whole body and it made me feel peace. I felt Chantal with me and I seen her image next to me as I was being wheeled into the room. I knew I was going to be ok. As the last couple of months have gone by she has continued to send me Reiki. It has really offset the side effects of the chemo.

The most amazing discovery and affirmation for me was when I got my PET scan results the other day and my oncologist told me the mass in my neck is gone and the one in my chest has shrunk and there is very little cancer cells left. The doctor told me she has never seen someone respond to treatment as well as I have in such a short time. I told her that i have a Reiki master that is constantly sending me healing. The doctor told me that I was going to be cured.

Yes i think the chemo has helped. But I believe it is the Reiki that has helped the process of healing be as fast as it is going. I know it is. I am truly blessed to have met Chantal. She has been such an amazing mentor and such a giving soul. She Never asked for anything in return. My friendship is all I have to offer at this juncture in my life.

Its not enough to me because I owe her my life. She has helped me find my way again. I have become awakened. I feel more alive today than I ever have in my whole life. My abilities are becoming enhanced because of her guidance and my openness to receive. My spiritual growth continues every day. I use the meditation and chakra healing methods that she has shown me. I tell her she has saved my life. She tells me I did all the hard work.

I didn't think of it that way because I just followed her guidance and let myself be open to receive and stay positive. My hopes for the future are to help others as she has helped me. I owe my life to her. She is a truly gifted person. An amazing light in this world full of love. Thank you Chantal. You not only have helped guide me to where I need to be, but you gave me my life back. You saved me. Much love and light to you always.

Alicia Lambson--Ohio--USA

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These principles are guidelines for us to follow.

To live these principles and to practice Reiki daily.

Just for today, Do not worry

Just for today, do not anger

Honor your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a way that we connect to the eternal flowing light love and compassion of

the universe. It is energy that flows through time and space. It is much more than

a healing protocol it is a beautiful way to live life. To appreciate it all, good and the bad.

Embracing and learning from our life experiences we gain an impenatrable connection to the

Source, the one light, our Creator. We gain insight we thought we never had. We strive for

impeccability. We love ourselves. We have courage and passion that stems from a greater

truth. This is what Reiki is to me, and so much more.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki can be done anywhere at any time. I can work

hands on, over the phone and from a distance without

any contact with you: the person, animal, or issue that

is recieving Reiki.

Reiki Sessions In Person:

Hands on Session for 30 minutes

Hands on Session for 60 minutes

Reiki Sessions over the phone:

Phone sessions vary on the issue and the amount of time involved.

Please call me for a private consulation.

Long Distance Reiki Services:

LDH or Long Distance Reiki is also a form of reiki that can

be used over long distances. It is not fully clear or understood

how  reiki travels through time and space: but be assured that

it does.  This method of "healing" is done in other ways. Some

ways to mention here are prayer, good intentions, and the ability

to send ones thoughts to another.

For anyone who wishes to have this service again please contact me


The fee for this service is much smaller than phone and hands on reiki.

 In addition, for those who cannot pay due to hardship or loss of income

I work on a sliding fee and exceptions can be made for this service.




Reiki for Animals and Pets

Reiki for Animals and Pets:

In addition, to doing reiki for people and issues I will

work with animals in need of healing. My daughter

Demera is also a Reiki Master and she works soley with

animals. So if I am unavailable she will be available also.

Animals often suffer from the same afflictions as us humans:

such as depression, cancer, neglect. Many times our pets and

even animals that live in the zoos, and on farms are the last to

be given care. Not out of ignorance, but sometimes just lack of

the ability to understand what their needs are and what they are trying

to communicate.

Whether your animal or pet is suffering from depression or an actual

physical affliction reiki hands on or long distance can be helpful for

your pet.

Sessions cab be done  hands on for large Dogs or smaller Dogs

Sessions can be done  hands on for Cats

Sessions can be done hands on for Farm Animals and Zoo Animals

Birds, small animals and other wildlife call for consultation.

Long Distance Reiki for Animals:

I will work on the animal from a distance. The time that is spent varies on a case by case

 basis. A mandatory fee of $20 dollars is accepted and this money is used to help other

people in need of services for their animals or for those who have no one to help them.

Travel expenses would also be added at the time of the consultation. Gas and mileage

must be considered if one wants to recieve hands on reiki over long distance

Reiki services.


Reiki House Clearing

Reiki can be used for many things. Reiki is most often used

to clear away negative energies and to infuse a person, place,

animal or object/issue with the light of reiki.

House clearings are no exception. As one  who is a Reiki

Master Teacher I often work with the spirit realm and in conjunction

with my other abilties I work on clearing the "negative energies"

from the home, apartment, even place of work.

House clearings are done on a case by case basis. There are many reasons

people feel they need a house clearing. Depending on the severity of the

issue will  also depend on what services will be needed in conjunction

with the house clearing. There are many reasons to disturbances inside of

homes. Before it is determinned that there is a "negative disturbance" a

home visit must be conducted; preferably in person. Sometimes, I will

be accompanied by a team as well at which case the fee does increase.

All cases are a case by case and no one will be turned away due to lack

of finances. A  house blessing is done at the end of the session and it is

free with the house clearing.

At this time we do not work out of the state of Minnesota for the in-home

service. Long distance work is done also on a case by case basis. Costs are

different than that of being on the site physically, present.


Reiki Certificates

Here are my Reiki Level One and Two Certifications and

also My Master/Teacher ones as well.



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