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Animals and Reiki

   All animals can benefit from Reiki. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy; as explained in the section on Reiki and

   also in my book on Reiki--it moves with the bodies energy or chi; and there are many benefits for animals of all

   kinds. Such as: pain relief, depression, anxiety, aggression, and working on deep rooted behavioral issues as


   Sessions with animals tend to be much shorter; and of course that is why in many cases long distance Reiki will

   be used instead of hands on. I have also found that the smaller the animal the faster the response seems to be

   with regards to their "healing" time and their response to the energy.


    Reiki for Rats: Since rats are very trusting animals when they are pets, and of course equally as loving it

    is important to remember that not all animals are revered--if you choose rodents as pets do not put them

    off in a cage away from anyone else--they wont thrive. They need human contact as well as other rats to

   keep them company--when one of their own dies, especially a sibling or mate they grieve just like people.


    I have worked with many rats and they respond well to Reiki. They are energy sensitive to begin with, so

    they don't need much to help them respond to whatever it is they need the Reiki for.




 Reiki for Hamster with foot problems: Her paw was cut on her wheel. We did not have the

money to take her to the vet--instead I did a Reiki regimen and within 5 days her foot was

back to normal. In another instance, she had a swollen toe from her nail getting torn, and I

did the same thing--the part that was rotting fell off and her nail has since grown back after

the vet said it probably would not.




Long Distance Reiki for Animals

Long distance Reiki for animals works the same way as with people. You could be driving past a field and see a cow or horse in need, maybe you feel that

they are sick, or sense it--so you decide to send that animal Reiki and include them in your sacred healing space. In many cases, when animals are already

ill it is best to set forth the intention that the animal will not suffer any more--so if the animal is sick know that it will pass away--but the Reiki helps to move

and disburse the amount of pain and suffering and allow the animal to feel more peaceful in the transition from life to death.


 I often work with animals whether I know them or not. I work with the animals in my yard and in my neighborhood. If I see animals suffering in zoos I send

them Reiki too. Animals are innocent--they can communicate however, and they will be eternally grateful. There is no ego in an animal that will be angry at

you for helping them--but they can get angry when in pain. That is why so often this is the chosen modality for those who want Reiki but are worried about

the liability of their animals biting the practitioner.


I have seen many miracles in this work with animals, people and plants. However, animals have this keen sense of understanding when someone is trying

to help them. They however, do have a flight or fight response. Even a pet can turn on you when faced with incomprehensible pain. To the animal it can

be mentally or telepathically explained, but not all healers can do that either.


Patience and a lot of compassion and openness to the heart is required when working with animals. Wild animals should never be approached unless you are

trained in that area as well. Some animals will be automatically drawn to the Reiki frequency but caution should still be heeded. Realize that all beings no

matter their size or species feel and respond to love; Reiki is the love and healing frequency connected to Source.

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