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Testimonial for Healing Soul Work
I am so grateful to be blessed with finding Chantal...
I was having a very difficult time fighting battles and
she does amazing work in one day to help lift me
above and fight what was holding me down...her
continuous work is a major help in improving my
life love and light♡♡♡
A.S. Ontario
 Testimonial for Reiki and Reiki Classes

Beautiful testimonial from two of my most profound
and active students. Thank you!

The first attunement for me was very profound. I know

not everyone feels something, but any doubt that this

was anything but real on a most joyous level was put

to ease the moment Chantal started. Since then, I

have witnessed miracles happen. Along with my husband,

whom was also attuned with me, my twin flame, we are

able to utilize our twin flame connection on a whole new

level. We have had many of those who have asked for

healing come back to us with their amazing story of how

it helped them in their life. To be gifted with the ability

to help another life or to help myself for that matter and

to be able to share this with my other half, is a gift I

cannot even put into words the amount of gratitude I

have for Chantal. I highly recommend the attunement

process, ask lots of questions and continue to seek new

ways to use this wonderful gift!

Thank you again, Chantal. And thank you Reiki,

Usui and all the masters, guides and angels. Namaste.

M.J and I. J from Florida

 Testimonial for General Work:
Again--a wonderful heart warming message from a client and friend.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you Chantal. You have been such

a positive part of my healing process. You have been such a vital person in

me finding my true self again and guiding me. You truly are such a beautiful

wonderful soul. For that I will always be thankful. Not to mention that your

insights are spot on and have never been wrong!!!


The best part of all for me.... Your friendship. Love and Light to you!

A.L. from Ohio

Testimonial of a client:  Work done: Mediumship
I am very thankful for Chantal's love and guidance in contacting my daughter.
She passed over 4 years ago and I have had terrible guilt over her passing.
I felt I could have and should have been there to stop it from happening.
She was able to make contact with her and I was able to forgive myself for.
Blessed Be,
MR New York
Testimonial of a client: Work done House Clearing
Dear Chantal:
My life has changed greatly since you came a year ago. I wish I could tell you
but I would need God to give u a sign that what I am telling u is real because it
is beyond what ever thought could happen. I have gone outside the box and
believe in recarnation and heaven and learning on a sprit level. Not because I
wanted to but because what I have been shown.That is all I can say for now.
From: MN, USA
Testimonial of a client: Work Done Tarot Reading
Thank you for the reading hun you are very good at what you do.
Testimonial of a client: Work done Medium/Intercessor
I can tell you always do your best...you definitly make me
feel very comfortable speaking to you about all this ...
Testimonial for  help with a legal matter; for justice.
Testimonial for Tarot Reading:
You touched my life and I am forever grateful and every
chance I get I pay it forward with my gift~ J.M. USA
Testimonial for Tarot Reading:
Thank you. The reading was a true reading. I go forward
from there and it was a pleasure sharing with you. We
are blessed to have you guiding our way at the helm~ T R M
Testimonial for Personal Reading
 I have never had a psychic reading done until today. I have always heard
of my friends or family getting them done but I never sought out advice
from a psychic before. I must say thatit was the best decision I have made.
Chantal Cash was spot on in her reading. She was very insightful and
seemed to answer my questions before I even asked them.The information
was 100% correct and I felt amazed by it. I feel blessed knowing her. And
I feel a lot clearer now than I did before I talked to her. So I just want to say
 thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. ~ A.L--Ohio

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